Met Mast Inspection

The photograph left was taken recently in Scotland showing
an Engineer approximately half way up a 95 m met mast to
undertake a routine inspection and a wind speed indicator
change out.                                                                                                                                       

1000 tonne Crane inspection (Scotland)

Our Principal Engineer completed the inspection on the Terex-Demag TC2800-1 after the Christmas holidays in Scotland, while it was  on a wind turbines site. During the examination the temperature fell to as low as -6 degress. For more information click on the link below
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Day 1 (Dublin)

Day 2 (Scotland)

Inspections in France

Erne Lifting Services were asked to complete the inspections on an LTM1500 and an LTM1250 (pictured below) which were operating along the North West Coast of France.  After a 22 hour sail and a 600 kilometer drive our engineer found the site which, was at the time of arrival was experiencing 100 mph winds the far side of a small provincial town called Cast.