Proof Load Testing

Lift Shaft Beams

After a beam has been installed in a new location it must be proof load tested to determine it is capable of sustaining the desired safeworking load. Clients may also be unsure of the maximum permissible load capable of being carried by the beam and will ask us to rate it as part of our testing.

While the structural capacity of the beam could be determined from its dimensions the load bearing ability of the masonry, lintel & general structure requires testing as inadequacies during construction may adversely affect the load bearing capacity of the beam.


Man-Riding Baskets

It is increasingly more common now to find man-riding baskets which have been home made. So in order to ensure regulatory compliance with governing regulations Erne Lifting Services will undertake conformity assessment of the basket and if found to be in order apply a proof-load test to the basket to determine the structural integrity of the item.
(Please call to speak to a staff member regarding new guidlines relating to baskets)

Fork Truck Attachments

Clients occasionaly require items of lifting equipment to be made in order to suit a particular task and as a result do not always get teh required documentation to ensure compliance with L.O.L.E.R. In this case as with the basket above, a predetermined proof-load test would be applied to the jib to determine if the deflection is within acceptable limits, ensuring future safe use of the item.

Overhead Cranes

After instalation of a new crane or alternatively after any structural modifications or rapairs, a crane is required to be proof-load tested. Our test engnineers undertake a comprehensive test procedure in accordance with British Strandards.

Erne Lifting Services Principal Engineer Adrian has just successfully completed
a proof-load test on the Dublin Spire. The upper section 125 m above the ground
houses a mast within the Spires final section. The mast supports a sheave system
which inturn houses the lighting rig, hoisting rope. After improvements to the
design of the winching system ELS were called into proof-load test the
modified design which also allows the engineers to replace any snagged or damaged
hoist rope. The test went like clock work and was a complete success.


The items listed above are just a sample of some of the services we offer, for more information on proof-load testing please contact a staff member.