Mobile Cranes


Erne Lifting Services crane inspector staff are trained by Grove Worldwide in mobile crane inspection, undertaking examinations in Ireland and recently as far away as continental Europe, on a wide range of mobile cranes ranging rom 18 t to 1000 t. The Principal Engineer has also be involved in the examination of the large  Goliath cranes in Harland & Wolff which dominated Belfast's skyline (some photo's  can be seen below). The principal Engineer is part of a information exchange network between insurance and proffesional bodies as well as the Authorities regarding crane accidents through his PhD research, affording information relating to failure modes, accidents and reoccuring problems to be passed to the appropriate people.

The examination can be undertaken either on site or in Erne Lifting Services yard depending upon the clients requirements. The examination consists of a detailed visual scrutiny of all elements of the crane from the hook block to the tyres.

What is involved

The examination will consider a number of elements including the superstructure, road going element, safety components to name just a few. As with a tower crane a degree of the examination can be undertaken while the crane is in operation as this gives the engineer a better picuture of any potential problems, such as wear in the slew ring for example. The remainder of the inspection will typically include the following elements:

A number of addtional features will be checked to ensure compliance with comunity law due to the number of imported cranes currently in operation (more information regarding this matter can be obtained by contacting a staff member)

Load testing

With the introduction of the Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations (L.O.L.E.R) in 1998, the requirments for a conventional 4 yearly load test was abolished. However a load test may still be asked for by the competent person undertaking the examination if after a major structural repair/modification or alternatively to demonstrate the satisfactory condition/operation of a particular element of a crane.