For the ultimate in personal safety whilst individuals work on a fixed type ladder, Latchways Mansafe system is quickly becoming the first choice for most companies.

Within the working environment the Mansafe ladder system with its simple design can be installed to follow the contours of the structure and so maximise its safety value. Equal to this, the Ladder Latch unit with its proven effectiveness and unique hatchway starwheel , enables workers to be constantly attached to the system whilst having the freedom of both hands free for climbing. In the event of a accidental slip, the Ladder Latch immediately locks onto the system cable, promptly arresting the individual, preventing a fall.

Unlike the traditional hoop system, a worker attached to a Mansafe for Ladders system is far less likely to be injured in the event of a fall in the arrest process. The hoop system themselves are in
place to prevent any worker falling backwards off a ladder, but present a significant threat if a worker should fall down a ladder.        

What are the benefits?

• Simple to install and maintain.
• The entire system is unobtrusive and lightweight.
• Easily fitted to follow the contours of the structure.
• Supports up to four workers on a single line.
• Quickly installed for use in virtually all environments.
• Adverse weather conditions such as snow or ice will not affect operation.
• Energy absorbers built into the system protect the end anchors from excessive loads should                       
a fall from the system occur.
• The LadderLatch unit can be attached or detached at any point in the system.
• Comprehensive range of specialist components to enable installation on a wide variety of
• The system meets all appropriate international standards.
• In the event of a fall, the Ladder Latch unit locks onto the system cable and arrests the fall
• The Ladder Latch unit rotates freely through the intermediate cable guides, this giving the
user a continuous hands free environment.
• The system is suitable for retrofitting or as part of a new build.        


Installation of ManSafe Ladder Latch vertical systems should only be carried out by a Latchways
trained and certified installer company. Contact Latchways Sales Department for details of certified


Testing must be carried out annually and must be conducted by a suitably qualified installer. Some
of the key system checks to ensure certification is maintained are as follows: Deployment of shock
absorbers, Swage tests and torque checks .

The system must only be attached by means of the front D-ring of a full body harness conforming to
the appropriate safety standards. The pre-tension must always be checked before use. As per system
user instructions no more than the maximum number of personal should attach to the system at
once. Further details are available in the user instructions.   

Erne Lifting Services are an approved installer for the Latchways System, for more information on the service we

provide please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)2867748214.