Hydraulic Excavators

Hydraulic excavators are increasingly used for lifting while operating on site whether it be to place a trench
box in position or coupled with a block grab, the result being, that under European Directives, they must receive a
periodic examination to ensure they are safe to do so plus fulfilling your statutory obligations.

What is involved

There are different requirements depending on what side of the boarder the excavator is operating, namely the republic of Ireland requires the machine be periodically examined every 14 months as a lifting appliance, much the same as a crane for example as well as requiring a report of SWL. (CR2 form).

The North differs slightly in that Hydraulic excavators are classed primarily as work equipment and subsequently fall under different regulation. However they still retain the requirement to be examined periodically. If however the machine is going to be used for lifting it will need a thorough examination every 12 months in accordance with the Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations.

This being said more site safety officers are requesting a thorough examination certificate be presented to gain access to site.


Our report of thorough examination contains  all the information listed on both the CR2 and CR4 and therefore eliminated the requirement to have a second test/inspection undertaken.

The examination will involve a proof load test of the digger to determine it’s safe working load (up to certificate of exemption limit) and a full thorough examination after the test to check the function of control, safe condition of machine as well as compliance with Community law.